Why Majority Of The Japanese Prefer To Bathe In The Evenings, Read To Find Out


In simple words, for Japanese people visiting a public bath is like a sort of entertainment for them and there are fewer people in the evening than in morning which gives them more time to soak themselves not just in water but also in their thoughts.

Japanese girls bathing in the evening

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7Shortage of time in morning

It is an open secret that Japanese are very much devoted towards their work, in fact, they are called workaholics and they don’t like to get late for work. As per a study, around 4.5 million Japanese who work full time also have a second job where they devote 6-14 hours on average in a week.

Shortage of time in morning

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Punctuality is just like a custom in Japan which has to be followed by everyone. Delay by even a minute can affect the image of a person in an adverse manner so spending time in bath in the morning is not possible for Japanese.

Girl checking time

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9The effect of climate

The summer season in Japan is very hot and sometimes it is very humid as well because of which sweating is a big problem. Japanese have to take bath in the evening after sweating for the whole day otherwise they will not only stink but it will also be harmful for their hygiene and health.

The effect of climate

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10Winter season

Bathing in the night is also a way of keeping themselves warm for Japanese as their houses are pretty cold during the winter season because they don’t have a central heating system. There is no denying the fact that for a good sleep in winters, a bath with warm water is a necessity.

Winter season

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