Why Majority Of The Japanese Prefer To Bathe In The Evenings, Read To Find Out

Taking bath every day is a part of daily hygiene maintenance and it has become very necessary nowadays especially after the coronavirus outbreak. However, the choice of timing of taking bath may differ from person to person. While there are many people who prefer to take a bath early morning, there are many who chose to take bath in the night before going to bed. It is a common belief that taking bath in morning keeps a person fresh and he is able to focus more properly on his work or job. But most of the Japanese people prefer to take bath in the night despite the fact that they are very dedicated towards their work, let us take a look into this matter:


1Visiting the public bath or hot springs

The concept of public baths or hot springs is very popular in Japan and people of all age groups visit such facility. The purpose behind visiting a public bath is not just to take bath, they visit for relaxing and doing something in which they find pleasure.

Visiting the public bath or hot springs

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2Relaxing the body

For Japanese taking a bath has a lot of importance and it is not just related to hygiene. As we said that they consider it as a ceremony for cleaning their skin, relaxing and rejuvenating their body and mind and for their purpose they add some herbs such as a green tea into the water.

Relaxing the body

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3Temperature of water

Undoubtedly, the temperature of water should also be taken care of because if it is more than 40 degree Celsius then it will be harmful for the skin as it will result in loss of moisture and opening of pores. It is also being said that a person feels relaxed and fresh after taking bath in warm water.

Temperature of water

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4Family habits

Japanese have been taking bath in night for a long time now as they didn’t used to have a facility of heating and plumbing in their homes until the nineteenth century. This means that for a person to take a bath with warm water he has to first boil it which takes time and Japanese don’t have that much time in the morning.

Family habits

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5Japanese not just bath, they conduct a ceremony

Yes, you read it right, Japanese bathing procedure is no less than a ceremony. The process starts with getting into the shower to get rid of the sweat and dust. Only after removing dust and sweat, the Japanese start taking bath and that too for quite a long time.

Why Majority Of The Japanese Prefer To Bathe In The Evenings

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