What Makes People Blush, And What Happens to Their Body After Blushing?


Although menopause is the time that determines the expiration of your menstrual cycles, it may be another possible cause leading to blushing. People going through this time may find that their hormone levels are changing, which affects blood flow. As a result, they may have hot flashes that circulate a certain amount of heat all through the body. Apart from the face, menopause can cause skin redness in your back, arms, and chest.


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7Sun exposure

Last but not least, when you go out in the sun, your body will produce extra melanin. Excess melanin can make your face red or cause sunburn. On the other hand, it can create tan or dark skin in some people. Sunburn comes from the body in a flooded area with blood treating harm to the areas and swelling of the skin. Despite your face, sun exposure can turn your chest, back, and arms reddish very quickly.

Sun exposure

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Other studies to understand blushing

Even though we say blushing is a strong emotion, the scientific world has still not found the true objectives of blushing in our lives. But many researchers and scientists have given different theories about blushing. Let us take a look at some possible theories which try to describe blushing:


Fear of exposures:

In this theory, blushing is a way of representing the fear that you have for some kind of lies, mystery, or personal information. When you think your lies or secrets may be unveiled, you may get a little redness on your face.

Fear of exposures

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Annoying social attention:

According to this theory, blush is a way for the person watching to quickly realize that we are not pleased with the attention we are getting from them. If you get unwanted attention from others, then blushing can be a normal thing that continues appearing. Blushing can be an unavoidable thing that increases in response to situations where you are getting praised.

Annoying social attention

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Providing information without verbally communicating

The communicative theory is one of the most admirable ones that try to explain the phenomenon of blushing. In this case, you can get redness on your face when you are giving details without communicating in words. Blushing can perceptibly help you to heal and protect your face.

Providing information without verbally communicating

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