What Makes People Blush, And What Happens to Their Body After Blushing?

1Beverages and foods

The most common reason that leads to blushing is the things you eat and drink. Isn’t it too shocking? Well, whenever you eat some spicy food, your body may immediately have this particular reaction. Eating foods that contain certain chemicals or compounds can also cause blushing. The same phenomenon comes true with drinks when you drink some hot beverages. Researchers also believe that many spices, foods, and beverages lead us to facial redness.

Beverages and foods

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2Emotions or Feelings

While it is true that reddening of your face due to psychological reasons is blushing. However, it cannot be said that blushing is only led by feelings of love. In contrast, blushing is involuntary and arises from the emotional stress associated with anger, embarrassment, shame, and passion. In situations where you are very stressed or embarrassed, you may find your cheeks red or pink. That’s what blushing is all about. According to the researchers, people with certain anxiety disorders and phobias blush more than other people.

Emotions or Feelings

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3Temperature effect

When you go through very hot surroundings, it can widen your blood vessel to cool the entire body. Of course, some sudden temperature changes can also lead to blushing. That’s all depends on how your respond to certain temperatures. When your body temperature increases due to physical tasks, exercises, or temperature changes, then flushing can probably appear. Conversely, extreme cold temperatures can lead your ears, cheeks, and nose to that different kind of bright redness.

Temperature effect

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4Your face may look red due to fever

Although blushing is often referred to as a beautiful feeling, it can sometimes be a sign of some underlying medical conditions and illnesses. For example, skin flushing is a very common response to many emotions, but at times it can be a sign of health issues. Fever is one such health problem that can make your face red like a cherry. When your body temperature rises due to fever, it’s normal to see yourself blushing. If fever is the reason behind blushing, then it will disappear as soon as the fever subsides.

Your face may look red due to fever

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5Drinking alcohol

If your face also turns red after a few glasses of wine, you cannot blame anyone else for the redness of your cheeks. It means that drinking alcohol can also make you feel blushing. Many of us may go through facial flushing while drinking alcohol. Experts have a technical term for this particular condition and that is alcohol flush reaction. This alcohol flush reaction may take place if you can’t digest the alcohol completely. In addition to blushing, drinking alcohol can cause you to lose your skin and body fluids.

Drinking alcohol

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