What Happened Immediately After JFK’s Assassination?

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Probably the crime of the century, Kennedy’s assassination shocked the American people and established a worldwide outpost of mourning. But the days following JFK’s assassination also included shocking incidents and dramatic events. Immediately after the JFK murder, Kennedy’s alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was shot live on American television. Let us deep down in these mysterious things about Kennedy’s assassination:


1Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald’s background as a former Soviet Union resident, his Russian wife, and connections to communist Cuba added a Cold War component to the assassination. The unclear background of Oswald’s murderer, Jack Ruby, also quickly thwarted many conspiracies, becoming an integral part of the imminent debate of JFK’s murder. One of these also claims countless terrible coincidences between Kennedy’s life and Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Lee Harvey Oswald

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2After The Shot, Jackie Kennedy attempts to move the limousine

JFK was shot three times in his car while sitting next to his wife Jackie Kennedy. Clint Hill, Secret Service Agent, was riding on the bumper of the next car and immediately ran towards the presidential limousine at the sound of the first shot. He was attempting to shield the president from further harm. However, two more shots were fired before he could reach the president. It is known that the third shot was the most devastating shot, crushing his skull and smattering bone remains and brain substance in the exterior and interior of the car.

Jackie Kennedy attempts to move the limousine

Image Source: Jackie Kennedy attempts to move the limousine


3Jackie Kennedy backed out reflexively and crawled out of the passenger seat

His wife Jackie had laid arms around her husband. After the third shot, she backed out automatically and snuck out of the nearside seat and into the car’s trunk. Hill was able to seize from the back of the trunk as the driver made a swift move towards Parkland Hospital. Jackie Kennedy time after time said “They have killed my husband, and his brains are on my hands.” In a later interview, Jackie Kennedy said on the way to the hospital that she spoke to her husband, “Jack, can you hear me … I love you, Jack.”

Jackie Kennedy backed out reflexively

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4Oswald fled his murder vantage point within 90 seconds of shooting

After shooting three bullets at a Kennedy march, Lee Harvey Oswald instantly hid his rifle, amid a pile of textbook boxes situated on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. He went down a ladder, and 90 seconds after the gunfire, he encountered his supervisor and a cop in the second floor lunch room. Was not under suspicion at that time, he was permitted to pass. Other workers persuaded him to be careless, and he exited the building, as forces were trying to close the area just three minutes after the shooting.

He climbed into a city bus, but due to traffic being chaotic after the murder, he eventually took off and pointed to a taxi to take him to his rooming house in the nearby neighborhood of Oak Cliff.

Oswald fled his murder vantage point within 90 seconds of shooting

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5J. Edgar Hoover called Robert “Bobby” F. Kennedy with a puzzling message

The president’s brother, Robert “Bobby” F. Kennedy, was having a private dine with associates of the JFK government at his house in residential Virginia when his wife responded the phone. FBI Director J. Edgar hoover was on the phone. J. Edgar Hoover passed an ominous message only 15 minutes after the shooting. “I have news for you. The president has been shot.” Robert “Bobby” F. Kennedy asked how seriously the president was bruised, Hoover responded, “I think it’s serious. I’m trying to get the details. I’ll let you back when I know more, Will call you. “Hoover cut the call.

Bobby" F. Kennedy with a puzzling message

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6The president’s limousine reached the Parkland Hospital

President’s car reached Parkland Road Hospital at 12:38 pm CST. Medics rushed him into Trauma Room No. 1 and Chief resident Ronald Jones also visited there with other doctors. Doctors performed a tracheotomy, inserted an IV into the president’s arm, and massaged the chest. Upon inspecting Kennedy’s skull, it was clearly evident that his efforts were minimal, and an EKG showed no cardiac activity. JFK was declared dead after he entered the Trauma room. President Kennedy’s body was then enfolded in a quickly obtained coffin and placed on a garnish.

limousine reached the Parkland Hospital

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7After JFK was declared dead, a legal fight over his body pursued

As the presidential party attempted to leave the trauma room, it was opposed by Dallas County medical examiner, Earl Rose, who vigorously spoke those Texas state laws, required a postmortem in the region where a crime took place. While theoretically correct, many thought Rose was acting improperly; specifically, later Mrs. Kennedy denied leaving Dallas without her husband.

After JFK was declared dead

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8Walter Cronkite got emotional publicizing Kennedy’s death

At around 2 pm EST, the news networks started rolling out regular programming to switch to JFK murder. The rumors began sweeping across nation and the local Dallas newsrooms that the president was dead. Walter Cronkite repeated unofficial reports of the president’s death for 38 minutes. Finally, at 2:38 pm EST, Cronkite was assigned an Associated Press news flash, which confirmed the president’s death. Cronkite was relatively friendly with Kennedy and he was severely affected by the declaration.

Walter Cronkite got emotional publicizing Kennedy's death

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