12 Ways We Ruin Our Reputation Without Even Realizing It

Being respected and valued by family, friends, and colleagues is something that every person wants. For this reason, people do their best to gain such acknowledgment. However, there are times when they can ruin all their efforts that they put into building their reputation. Just because of a reckless act or behavior or some few careless words that might be totally harmless. But the people around may interpret these signals in completely different ways.


People can devalue themselves in ways which they don’t exactly notice. Here are some such instances of how people can ruin their image.

1 Hypocrisy

Instead of using hypocrisy to explain why you can’t fulfill someone’s request, just tell them “no”, but in a careful and straightforward manner. Don’t try to sugarcoat anything or start praising the person and commenting on how great they are because this will only make the situation worse than it already is.


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2Always acting insulted

Always acting insulted or jealous for no reason is very demeaning and will only make others look at you with disdain. Such people are not considered to be equal to others. More often than not they are perceived as a child who cannot seem to control his/her own emotions. This type of behavior also indicates insecurity.

Always acting insulted

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3Always being unhappy about something

It’s pretty normal to get tired and irritated at times, but some people seem to always be in such a state. People who are always unhappy and irritated about something are the ones others like to avoid. No one would even like to be friends with such people. This is because no one likes negativity and people who behave in such a way are considered as “children” who are hard to communicate with.

Always being unhappy about something

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4Shrugging off responsibility

There are some people who shrug off all responsibility and consider themselves as “never to blame”. Before they even get accused of anything, they try to escape from all suspicions. Such behavior indicates that this kind of person is very insecure. Due to their inability to take responsibility they are neither trusted nor respected.

Shrugging off responsibility

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