11 Unexpected Habits You Thought Bad are Actually Good for You

Parents view habits like playing videos games, chewing bubble gum, or slouching on the couch for an extra hour as irresponsible and unhealthy. According to them, these are “destructive” activities. However, such habits along with other unusual habits can actually have positive effects on your brain, mood, and health. Try them out to see the results for yourself.


If you look at some unexpected habits from a different perspective you may just be able to see why they can be beneficial and healthy. Here, is a list of some unexpected habits that can be pretty useful and healthy as well.

1 Playing video games

A study proved that playing fast-paced action video games with peripheral images and events that pop up help in improving people’s reactions. It helps them take in sensory data and make correct decisions. In fact, fast real-time strategy games can enhance your brain’s ability to learn. However, you can only gain these kinds of benefits from fast action games and not with slow time-passers like The Sims.

Playing video games

Image Source: digital-overload.com

2Sleeping in

People, who tend to sleep in or sleep longer and wake up late, are often accused of being unmotivated and lazy. This is not true and sometimes early rising can actually be bad for your health.


A study showed that people who wake up too early are more susceptible to the risk of developing high blood pressure, hypertension, strokes, hardening of the arteries, and heart attacks. Wouldn’t it be better to just allow your body to get more sleep?

Girl Sleeping on bed

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3Chewing gum

You can gain many positive effects by simply chewing gum while reading. For example, it improves attention, memory, decision making, and alertness. According to studies, people who chewed gum while giving tests actually performed 24% better on short-term memory tests. These people performed 36% better on long-term memory tests.

One study proved that chewing gum can help reduce stress as it decreases the levels of the cortisol hormone also known as the stress hormone and is responsible for triggering stress in the body.

Chewing gum

Image Source: quora.com


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