15 Of The Strangest Things You Can Buy At A Japanese Vending Machine

Japan is a beautiful place to visit or start a new life in. It is so deeply rooted in its tradition while simultaneously being on the cutting edge of almost all technology. It is filled with things that make life there easy. One of those things is vending machines that supply people with practically anything and everything they need. From the essentials to even the absurd. Today, we’re taking a look at some strange things you can buy from Japanese vending machines.


1Girls’ phone numbers

Yes, it might sound creepy but this isn’t any random girl’s number. Phone chatting is a very big business in Japan and you might end up paying for the conversation to continue past a certain stage. But, if you lack the confidence to pick up girls at a bar then this is a great way to pass your time.

Girls phone numbers

Image Source: changepw.com


2A vending machine full of lettuce

Yes, there are many vending machines that sell nothing but different types of lettuce. This is great for people who are heading home and have to make dinner and would like a healthy helping of fresh lettuce. In some vending machines, they are sold whole while in others they are precut.

A vending machine full of lettuce

Image Source: www.watson.ch


3A puppy vending machine

Yes, you can also buy puppies from vending machines but these are not that popular. This is just a gimmick set up outside pet stores so that people who are passing by can get attracted by the cute and cuddly animals. The puppies are placed in clear boxes with a soft bed, fresh food and water, and regular checkups by the staff.

A puppy vending machine

Image Source: www.innaturale.com


4Mystery boxes

If you would like a surprise for a snack then you can get a mystery box. These are vending machines that sell snacks that are wrapped up so you don’t know what you are buying. They are wrapped in white paper and have a story written on them which you can read. If you liked the story you read and are intrigued about what can be inside then you can just buy it.

Mystery boxes

Image Source: www.absurdityisnothing.net


5Fresh live lobsters

This is great for people who would like to have a lobster dinner but don’t have time to head over to the seafood market. These vending machines sell live lobsters that are easy to catch in the vending machine and take home. There are other vending machines that sell certain types of live fishes.

Fresh live lobsters

Image Source: haikudeck.com


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