8 Critical Stages of Development in A Child’s Life That All Parents Should Know About

37 to 12 months

This is the age when babies of any gender start wanting and needing their moms the most. They will cling on to you and will cry out their lungs if you leave for your job or even for a nearest store. Although it is understandable that you cannot have them attached to you surgically all the time but try to be in their close proximity as much as your health and sanity allows, because your health and the rest is of top priority as well. Start helping them to stay without you gradually for small duration of time while they are surrounded by their families or pets or TV and slowly elongate the gaps just to ensure the sense of security that mom will always be near to check on them or come back home soon.


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41 to 2 years

Children by this age have already started venturing out of their cribs and home and are out in more public arenas like playgrounds, and pre- preschools. Although they are surrounded by many kids of their own age, they still lack the social skills to mingle and sharing without clashing over a preferred toy or something.


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Parents here need to teach their kids that the playground is a happy place where they can be safe and the other kids are not dangerous but are friends with whom they can share a toy or a sandpit and have fun. Deal with tantrums in a calm but assertive manner. Teach them that hitting or shoving another baby is not acceptable and your kids have to understand that, so discipline comes here too.


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53 years

Now your kid is big enough to recognise friends outside their immediate families and will begin making their own social circle in playground or in preschool. They also have a basic idea about the acceptable behaviour which will win them praises and friends and which actions would make them look bad and might earn them a punishment instead. Their sense of self-judgment begins here.


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