10 Glaring Signs Your Child Might Be Way Ahead in Terms of Development

8They exhibit good motor skills from early on

Rolling over, smiling, and even putting on socks are all activities that involve your children’s key motor skills. The growth and strengthening of the bones and muscles and the ability to move and touch the environment at an early age is a major indication of advanced motor development. A study even suggests that there is a connection between good motor skills and higher intelligence later in life.

They exhibit good motor skills

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9They are emotionally sensitive

According to research, there is a connection between the intellectual abilities and the emotional intelligence of first-grade girls. If you do notice that your child is particularly emotionally aware, then this is a sign that they have highly developed emotional intelligence. Needless to say, that they could even possess strong intellectual skills as well.

They are emotionally sensitive

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10They have a bossy attitude

Having a bossy attitude is a sign that they have a developed appreciation of leadership. Making complex rules and making new discoveries are some things highly developed children are always overly enthusiastic about. However, this might make them disregard the sentiments of the other children they are playing with. This only means that they have become demanding and bossy.

They have a bossy attitude

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