7 Signs to Help You Identify the Wrong Partner from the Beginning of a Relationship

5Your opinion doesn’t mean anything

It starts with the smaller details initially like choosing locations for dates, food choices or movies but in toxic relationships, your opinion will never matter neither your desires. You will be asked and even turned down; your partner will purchase movie tickets, make reservations and plan locations all to their liking without asking you all because they feel that they know better than you.

Your opinion doesn’t mean anything

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aDon’t mistake dominance for a caring attitude

This may look as if they are taking care of everything for you but it’s actually dominance and you just don’t have any rights in the relationship.’ Over time, things get worse and the decisions grow bigger such as a new house or the name of a child. If you dint have any rights, it’s not worth it.

Don’t mistake dominance for a caring attitude

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6Work always has priority.

Those who are committed to their work obviously need to be admired as they are prepared to work extra shifts too and because of that go far in their careers. But, in such a situation often the partner gets left behind and relegated.


If you find that your new partner keeps talking only abut work and cancels dates or is late for them, it means they priority isn’t you. You need to reconsider the relationship or else be prepared to be a very lonely person.

Work always has priority.

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7Totally different lifestyles

When two partners have different lifestyles that cannot be compromised upon, then it’s unlikely that the relationship will thrive. It is difficult for a homebody to relate to an avid traveller or a sincere worker with someone who only parties hard, a health obsessed person with someone who loves junk food, neat and clean people with messy people. Different attitudes towards life can turn into hostility sooner or later. It also means you both should never have met but unfortunately you realize it too late.

All said and done it isn’t always necessary to find a partner with the exact same tastes, likes and interests. There should be a balance and compromise including a general common opinion towards life and that’s enough.

Totally different lifestyles

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