7 Signs to Help You Identify the Wrong Partner from the Beginning of a Relationship

In our daily lives, we are faced with several negative things such as toxicity, addiction, cheating, abuse and anger. While these are faced a lot in the workplace, we also face it in relationships. Negative elements are usually the cause of many a couple breaking up. The problem however is that in the initial stages, we are so caught up with a partner that we fail to see such red flags. Moreover, even if a person is mentally and physically healthy, a fight can also be the reason for a breakup or even create a rift between people and it may become an exhausting and mentally draining effort to make things normal again. Here are 7 personality traits that are like red flags to recognize in any new partner telling you why a relationship may not be successful.


1Different levels of emotional intelligence

It is emotional intelligence or EQ (Emotional Quotient) that enables you to control the way you express and regulate your emotions. It also helps you to empathize and understand others. Those with low IQs don’t find it easy to maintain close relationships because they lack empathy for others. They also lack the ability to cope with situations that bring on string emotions and simply let go saying whatever they wish, they cannot control their feelings.

A partner with a low EQ isn’t ideal and will lack the ability to see themselves in the shoes of another. They are unwilling to accept the guilt of their mistakes because they don’t not even realise they have made them. Neither will they realize when a person needs help. Such a relationship will never work because while one is waiting for empathy, the other simply wants everyone to accept their point of view.

Different levels of emotional intelligence

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aHow to spot someone with low EQ

Detecting someone with low EQ in an early meeting or date is easy if you observe how they interact with people and their surroundings. Such people get irritated easily when they are asked to be indulgent and judge others spewing advice when it isn’t even solicited. They will also never listen to what you maybe saying in conversation.

How to spot someone with low EQ

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2Your personal space is ignored.

If your friend shows anger at you being busy with your own schedule and plans and wants everything to be planned according to their own convenience then that’s a signal to watch out for. If a partner shows no interest in hobbies or doesn’t want to be alone at times, it means they will cramp your space and freedom. They will try to engage in your hobbies and likes even if you dislike it because that’s a reason to keep staying round you.

Your personal space is ignored.

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aIt may be flattering in the beginning

In the initial weeks, it may be flattering and you may be happy but then you may start to find your space and freedom limited. The relationship may then flow into psychological abuse where you are expected to be around such a partner all the time and will be questioned about your absence. The toxic partner will not even realize that they do wrong because they too are giving their time to you constantly and feel you should do the same.On the first meeting, ask a person about their hobbies and interests.

It may be flattering in the beginning

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