12 Signs of Gifted Children Every Parent Should Know

10They can easily recognize patterns

There exist certain patterns in everyday life which you can notice if you observe life closely. These patterns have been seen throughout history, in politics, at work, and even in nature and your relationships. Being able to recognize such patterns at an early age is a sign of intelligence.


Gifted kids will be able to see patterns in puzzles and brain teasers much before normal kids do. This ability may not always be accurate but it can be of use to them in making educated decisions when others would have to merely guess.

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11Ability to learn quickly and retain a lot of information

There are some people who will read a page on a book but forget everything that they read 10 minutes later while gifted ones will be able to remember every single word of that page and be able to comprehend them. Internalizing information comes naturally to gifted children. So, it’s a good idea to test your kid by asking them memory questions regularly because a gifted child will definitely be able to recall the details about the day and whatever they did. Paying attention to their ability to learn new things at school quickly and if they can retain that information down the line, is highly recommended.

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12Creativity/Exceptional skill in one area

Gifted children may excel in one field on academics or something else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be good at mathematics or science in school. They could be gifted in arts or music. So, whatever your child is gifted in, they should receive support and encouragement from you.

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Allow them to practice and hone their skills and you might just have the next Picasso or Jimmy Hendrix in the future. Nevertheless, fundamental education is still necessary which is why you shouldn’t let their artistic aspirations get in the way of their academics.

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13What it’s like to be parents of a gifted kid

As parents, if you notice your child being particularly good at something, it becomes your job to provide them with the tools they need to nurture and improve their skills. If your child shows several signs of being gifted, then have a talk with them about how they would want to move forward with their education and other stuff. They might want to take up some courses or additional classes or even enroll in a different type of school.

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