12 Signs of Gifted Children Every Parent Should Know

5Gifted children are sensitive to unexpected noises and disruptions

Gifted children can also be quite sensitive to things such as unexpected loud noises or things which interrupt their focus when they are doing something. Giving them peace to work on their projects is a good idea, although rudeness should not be tolerated.


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6High emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the many areas of intelligence and gifted children tend to show high levels of emotional intelligence. These kids are able to control their emotions and don’t exactly have the time to throw a fit or tantrum because they are too preoccupied with achieving their goals.


These children are also more grateful for everything they have. However, not every gifted child displays high emotional intelligence right away. It may require you along with your child to work on this aspect of theirs.

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7Desire to spend time with older kids and adults

Gifted kids do not gain considerable stimulation from their peers. On the contrary, they are stimulated by conversing with older children and adults. Gifted children would rather have an interesting intellectual talk with an adult rather than discuss about what’s popular on TV with kids their age.

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8Expansive vocabulary

Compared to other kids of the same age, a gifted child will have an extensive vocabulary. The slangs and baby talk that they hear will seem odd to them and they will usually speak in grammatically correct sentences and may even use words which most adults will not know of.

The things people do and the kind of people they surround themselves with help people in developing their lexicon. So, gifted children learn up proper knowledge and advanced words by conversing with knowledgeable adults with more advanced language skills and reading books and articles which contain sophisticated language. They are quick to pick up on this and incorporate it into their communicative skills.


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9Sense of humor

Having the intelligence to create and develop jokes is another natural trait of gifted children. However, this does not include jokes which they saw on television or might have heard from other people. They create such jokes, riddles, and puns solely on their own.


Famous comedians like George Carlin have also been known to possess extraordinary intelligence. While not every parent might appreciate this aspect of their gifted child, it would nonetheless be wise to let them explore such humor. Such a talent may not exactly be helpful for them academic-wise, but it can become a great tool to help them cope with the pressures of life.

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