12 Signs of Gifted Children Every Parent Should Know

In the eyes of a parent, a child will always be special. Whether they possess extraordinary talents or not is irrelevant. The only thing that matters to a parent is watching their children grow and learn and it is precisely these moments which make parents happy and proud of their children. While your child may have displayed signs of intelligence or certain talents, it is also a fact that not all children are gifted. However, there are some signs and traits which gifted children display. So you can watch out for these signs:


1 Individual Thought

A unique type of intelligence which does not involve memorizing and regurgitating information but where a child can think and solve problems for themselves is what makes a child gifted. They learn how to do things on their own without assistance from a book or from a teacher. They learn how to observe knowledge from one area and easily apply it to another area. Such children do not even require directions when given assignments.

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2Gifted children are able to produce solutions

Coming up with effective and efficient solutions to problems is a trait of a gifted child. By looking at the results of a creative problem-solving child one can understand how gifted they truly are. Anybody can teach a child how to solve a problem but a child who solves it by following their own intuition tells you that there is an innate compass within the child which is a unique trait to have.

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3Curious nature

One of the signs of a gifted child is their curiosity. Children differ from each other in the sense some would like to sit back and enjoy the world and others would prefer to explore and learn. However, being curious demonstrates that a child would love to learn new things. Children are naturally curious from a very young age and even some babies tend to be more curious by nature. Having such characteristics can be a bit troublesome when they are infants since they might grab things or eat thing unknowingly. But it also means that they will continue striving to learn new things throughout their life.

They will be inquisitive, will ask many questions and perhaps even question figures of authority. This does not mean that they are exhibiting signs of defiance but genuinely want to satisfy their need for answers.


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4Exceptional focus

When children show excellent focus while working on something, it is a sure sign of being gifted. They give their undivided attention into completing the task at hand before moving on to the next one.


However, this should not be confused with boredom as it can be fairly similar. Kids who seem unfocused in class are actually just bored of the lesson since they are already further along and it is just like repetition to them. In this case, it would be better to give the child something rather challenging to do to see if their focus increases. But if it doesn’t, then if they might have some sort of attention disorder.

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