11 Psychological Tricks That Put You in The Spotlight

8Look at the middle of a person’s forehead to maintain eye-contact

Making and keeping eye contact with the person in front of you is extremely important. This simple action displays your sincerity and integrity while communicating to the other person. However, some may find it very difficult and uncomfortable to accomplish. This could be due to their shyness. So, if you are a shy person, start practicing looking at the middle of a person’s forehead and this will give them the impression that you are maintaining eye-contact with them.


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9Hold your palm upwards while talking

There are many psychological tricks that are basically gestures which you can use to attract people. But lucky for you, not everyone is aware of these tricks. So, here’s one simple and easy one to use while talking to people. Talk with your palms up because this shows the others that you are honest and trustworthy putting you in a good position in their view of you.

Hold your palm upwards while talking

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10Wear red

The red color often stands out a lot, so if you too want to stand out in a crowd, then the best advice would be to wear red outfits. Studies have revealed that adorning red-colored clothing is a great tool to grab people’s attention.

Wear red

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11Create memorable last impressions

A first good impression is great, but last impressions also do matter a lot. Focus on making your last impression as memorable as possible. For example, if you are introducing yourself for the first time, putting a presentation together, or giving a speech, remember to make your ending-last impression as good as your first. This trick will definitely make them remember you and possibly even search for you in the future.

Create memorable last impressions

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