11 Psychological Tricks That Put You in The Spotlight

Humans throughout history have been very social beings. It is a fact that everyone craves interaction, entertainment, support, and the company of others. This is a natural trait that every human is born with. But while most people socialize with ease, some do find it difficult to strike up a conversation, speak out in public, or simply have trouble making new friends. Despite their inability to socialize effectively, they still have the desire to be part of social groups and gatherings.


So, if you’re an awkward socializer then how would you go about grabbing people’s attention? The answer is simple, it’s all in how you psychologically present yourself to people. The way you communicate, your body actions, and other things you do can attract people around you in no time. Here are 11 psychological tricks to learn, to help you do this well:

1 When nervous, chew gum

Who wouldn’t feel nervous or get anxious during a big event with a lot of people? But, when you feel the slightest bit of hesitation that may shake your confidence, then start chewing some gum. This is one of the clever psychological tricks that diverts your attention away from stress. Plus, the constant chewing motion helps in increasing circulation and the blood flow to your brain.

When nervous, chew gum

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2Do power poses

If you are wondering what this is, then it basically is one of the many psychological tricks that get your brain to think you are confident, even if you aren’t at all. You can practice power posing before heading to a big meeting. All you have to do is go straight up to a mirror and imagine being a superhero. Keep your head held high, facing forward with a straight posture, place your hands on your hips, and wear a big smile on your face.

Do power poses

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3Compliment people

Complimenting people can influence the way they think about you. How so? By letting others know when they are looking good, being kind, or did something smart is a great way of being polite and making them feel good about themselves. This in turn makes them think good about you as well.

Compliment people

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