12 Positive Changes You Experience When You Stop Repressing Your Feelings

Repressing your feelings is considered to be unhealthy for you as it just causes you more problems and stresses you out. But when you stop repressing them and be more expressive about your feelings then you will witness more positive changes in your daily life. Here are 12 such changes you experience when you stop repressing your feelings.


1 There will be a change in your attitude

When people feel down or negative most of the time, they automatically develop a bad attitude. But if you just release all the burdens that you carry, it can make you feel free and your outlook on life will soon start changing. With it, your attitude will start improving for the better.

Change in attitude

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2You will smile more often

Once you learn how to handle your emotions better and not keep them repressed, you will automatically start wanting to smile more. But when your whole world seems to be falling apart it is rather difficult to smile. However, being expressive about your sadness and pain can help you release all of it so that you can fill yourself up with positivity once again. Your newfound positive energy will give you a reason to put on a beaming smile once again.

You will smile more often

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3Your stress will reduce

While no one can actually avoid stress in life, some people might just add more pressure to their already stressful lives. Not dealing with issues or simply ruminating on problems will only cause your muscles to get more tense and your mind to become overloaded. By laying some of your burdens down, you will also be freeing yourself from all the negativities. This will give you more energy to focus on your responsibilities and the things that matter in your life.

Your stress will reduce

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4Anxiety and depression will reduce

Sometimes due to chemical imbalances in the brain, some depressive episodes start affecting you. But other episodes may be brought on by external circumstances like losing your job, a loved one or experiencing a tragic event in your life. In this case, it becomes all the more important for you to stop repressing your feelings and let them flow out. Once you get it all out of your system, the cloud of depression will lift on its own.

Anxiety and depression will reduce

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