A Mysterious Temple In India Was Carved Out Of A Single Rock, And It Is A Must-See Sight

5Over 7,000 laborers worked on it

Experts summarized that a large group of workers carried out this massive task after thoroughly analyzing the effort and man-hours worked. It is believed that more than 7, 000 employees completed the project. Apart from the number of laborers, it is known that laborers could work around 18 hours every day. The laborers used mirrors to reflect the light inside the cave as there was no electricity in those days. According to one assumption, to excavate the entire site using contemporary technology, it would take about 200 days to work 24 hours per day.

Over 7000 laborers worked on it

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6Undefined scripts are part of its secrets

Despite the huge size and top to bottom carving, we can know a lot about this temple. The Kailasa temple is a huge mystery in itself because there are countless innumerable puzzles inside it. According to reports made by archaeologists, the temple has over 30 million Sanskrit carvings, which are yet to be translated. The temple has complicated carvings and sculptures in almost every inch of the internal structure.

Undefined scripts are part of its secrets

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7The temple cannot be destroyed

A shocking fact has emerged about this Kailasa temple in Ellora. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb tried to destroy the Kailasa temple, which destroyed thousands of Hindu temples during his reign. However, his force of 1000 people could manage to break and destroy only a few sculptures. They worked for nearly 3 years to destroy this temple. The Mughal king finally gave up this work and realized that he could not destroy the temple. However, the craftsman used chisels, hammer, and picks to construct it.

The temple cannot be destroyed

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8Contribution of many religions and cultures

Some evidence has shown that this temple was built with the participation of many religions. The entire construction procedure involved multiple cultures and religions. Jains and Buddhists are some of the known religions involved in the construction of this temple. Apart from this, some Hindu kings have also contributed a lot to the construction of the Kailasa temple. There’s a sculpture depicting Ravana lifting Mount Kailash inside the temple.

Contribution of many religions and cultures

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