15 Incredible Facts About The Human Body That You Wish You Knew Earlier

The human body really is really incredible. In fact, human bones are so powerful that they are even stronger than steel, while human stomach acid can actually dissolve metal. Besides these, your organs are capable of many amazing feats which are yet to be discovered by you. There are several fascinating human body facts which you may have never heard of and which can totally surprise you.


1Human bones are stronger than steel

Human bones are in no ways weak. In fact, they are extremely sturdy and can be even stronger than steel. One cubic inch of a human bone can bear a very heavy load of 19,000 lbs or 8,618 kg or perhaps even more.

Human bones are stronger than steel

Image Source: didyouknowstuff.com


2The human eye’s resolution

One interesting human body facts is that the human eye’s resolution is much higher than that of any type of camera. It has a resolution of 576 megapixels which is much greater than any available high-resolution camera.

The human eyes resolution

Image Source: brightside.me


3Human stomach acid

The digestive stomach acids of the human body are strong enough to actually dissolve metal. However, this acid can never burn through your stomach because there is an inner lining which is constantly being replaced.

Human stomach acid

Image Source: www.belmarrahealth.com


4The skin on your body regenerates itself every month

The entire epidermis layer of your skin which is basically the whole surface of your skin fully regenerates itself every month. This also means that a human can have about 1,000 different “skins” in their lifetime.

The skin on your body regenerates itself every month

Image Source: www.sanabelle.ch/


5A lot of muscles are required to perform a simple body action

The human body is a very complex specimen of nature. It is so complex that every action, motion, or movement performed by the body requires dozens of muscles to engage in its performance. In fact, it takes around 200 different muscles in an adult human body to move a single step ahead.

muscles are required to perform a simple body action

Image Source: www.verywellhealth.com


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