10 Fascinating Things The Human Body Does Without Us Knowing It

Scientific discoveries have unraveled so many different aspects of human nature and behavior that some of them sound like things straight out of a fantasy movie. But the human body still holds many secrets yet to be discovered. Many traits of the human body can seem so unrealistic but are indeed very much real. Such traits could even inspire the creation of a new superhero character. Traits like having super-fast eyes or being able to taste with your nose are somewhat of a superpower which many people have but aren’t aware of.


Ready to know more? Here is a list of 10 of the most fascinating discoveries about your body’s capabilities that you don’t seem to know about it.

1 The fastest muscles of the body are in the eyes

Without a doubt the fastest-moving muscles in your body is the orbicularis oculi in your eyes. It has even gained an entry in the Guinness World Records because of its speed. There are only two of these muscles in each of your eyes and they are responsible for controlling the opening and closing actions of the eyelids. If a foreign external object comes anywhere close to your eyes, it shuts your eyes in less than 100 milliseconds (0.1 seconds).

The fastest muscles of the body are in the eyes

Image Source: .zadn.vn

2Hair is able to tell when you’re asleep

You can learn a lot about your sleeping habits from your own hair follicles. This is because these follicles can track and contain the 24-hour circadian clock which is responsible for controlling your sleeping habits. Researchers have even started using hair follicle cells to try and find a way to help patients suffering from sleeping disorders.

Hair is able to tell when youre asleep

Image Source: zadn.vn

3Taste perception is present in the nose too

You would never believe it if you were told that you could even taste with your nose. But it is true because your sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of your taste perception. You would only be getting salty, bitter, sweet, and sour sensations without your sense of smell. This means that all the other flavors come from the smell. This is the reason why most foods seem tasteless when you have a blocked nose due to a cold.

Taste perception is present in the nose too

Image Source: study.com


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