Eye Contact Is Very Important And It Can Improve Your Life

11Help you fall in love

There has always been a myth about staring at people we really like before falling in love with them. But, this is now being backed up by science. According to research done using a hidden camera, it was noted that when a man stared at the woman he liked for over 8 seconds, he was very interested in a long term relationship. But, when he stared at her for less than 4 seconds, he was not that interested in her.


12Helps form a deeper connection

Who would you rather talk to? A person who maintains eye contact with you while you talk and listens to what you say or someone who looks around and does not give any confirmation that they are listening to you? This is the difference between making eye contact and not making it. People tend to be drawn towards others who look at them when they talk as opposed to anywhere else.

Helps form a deeper connection

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13To show respect and appreciation

The best way to convey visually that you respect the speaker is to maintain eye contact with them. This way when their gaze falls upon you, you will be already looking at them. This is the best way to show your appreciation for them. When you don’t maintain eye contact and shy away from it, it comes off as being rude at times.

To show respect and appreciation

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14Talk with your eyes

You can speak with your eyes if words don’t do it. If you meet a new group of people and you really want to talk to one of them more than the others. You can keep a fixed gaze on them, looking at others for a while then returning to them. They will soon notice this and you can signal them with your eyes you’d like to have a more private conversation.

Talk with your eyes

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15Grabbing their attention

If you want to grab someone’s attention during a speech you can increase your voice and when they look at you, all you have to do is make eye contact and keep it that way. When speaking if you keep eye contact with important people you will come off as a powerful speaker and whatever you are saying will have more conviction.

Grabbing their attention

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16Get away from a conversation

Eye contact can be used to make or break a new friendship. If you’re approached by someone who wants to converse and you have no interest in it. All you need to do is look disinterested and look around. On the opposite side if you like a person all you have to do is keep eye contact and smile and nod to what they’re saying.

Get away from a conversation

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