Eye Contact Is Very Important And It Can Improve Your Life

6There are exceptions

Don’t think that if a person is making eye contact during a confrontation that whatever they say is the truth. There are many people who have perfected their art of lying and can make direct eye contact, look confident and lie for hours without you catching on or them breaking a sweat.

There are exceptions

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7Make you better at social gatherings

Social gatherings are a great place to work on your eye contact skills. If you’re at a place where you don’t know many people you should try to put yourself out there and talk to people. This will help you boost your confidence levels as well as make you good at public speaking.

Make you better at social gatherings

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8You will speak better

When you begin a conversation with a group of strangers you will naturally begin it at a pace you are comfortable with. But, as you keep speaking and maintain eye contact with your listeners, you will speak slower. When people maintain eye contact with you, it implies that they are listening carefully to you.

You will speak better

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9You will be more focused

When you are giving a big speech the best thing to do is keep proper eye contact with the audience. This way you will stay focused and not let your mind wander. You will be able to deliver your speech properly as your eyes are fixed on your audience. Often it happens that during an important speech we let our eye wander to something that catches our interest and disrupts our chain of thought.

You will be more focused

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10They will be more focused

When you maintain eye contact with your listeners they will realize you are focused on them and that they need to give you their full attention. When you don’t maintain eye contact that means you do not care if people listen to you or not which allows them to let their mind wander away from whatever you’re saying.

They will be more focused

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