Eye Contact Is Very Important And It Can Improve Your Life

Eye contact is something that feels so insignificant. You can make it or not and it doesn’t really bother you as a person but what if we tell you it can boost your confidence and make you more appealing? Yes, believe it or not but eye contact while speaking can help us make an incredible impression on people.


Not only that but whoever we speak to will also be able to remember us for a long time. All this is because most people don’t know the power eye contact while speaking can have on the listener. We have gathered some key points that will help you make a better impression on others.

1It makes you look more confident

When you make eye contact with your listener they feel like you are more authoritative. When you talk without making any eye contact or if you keep breaking eye contact to look around, you will come off as nervous or lacking confidence. This is very important during presentations or while making a first impression.

It makes you look more confident

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2It keeps you self-aware

When you notice someone is staring at you, you will naturally become more self-aware. You look around yourself to see if there is anything wrong with you. You also take note of your actions and mannerisms. This is a very good thing. If someone is staring at you for no reason you should just leave the area and or ignore the person.


3People will remember you

If you think about all the strangers you meet on a normal day, how many of their faces do you remember? This is the exact same problem people who you’ve met face. You need to be able to make a good and strong impression for them to remember you. Making and keeping constant eye contact will help you do this easily.


4Show them whose boss

Remember in school whenever your teachers would yell at you they would all say the same thing, “Look at me when I’m talking to you!” This made you quiver in fear and look at them as they yelled at you. Making eye contact is a great sign of intimidation. You can do this to your subordinates and even children in those moments when they cross a line.

Show them whose boss

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5You can spot a liar

The age-old myth is that if a person is not looking directly at you they could be lying. But recently this has been found to be false. This goes back to the way our minds are wired. We believe our eyes speak more than our words express so we try not to lie when we look directly at someone.



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