15 Answer To Questions You’ve Been Asking All Your Life

11Why are wedding dresses white?

Have you ever wondered why do most weddings have white wedding dresses and not some other color? Is it a sign of purity? Or true love? No, it’s just something people got fascinated with. Hollywood portrayed weddings as a wonderful time with large parties and beautiful wedding dresses. There was a time when only rich people could afford white wedding dresses but now everyone can.

Why are wedding dresses white

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12Do insects get fat?

Humans get fat and so do animals but what about insects? Do they gain weight from overeating? The answer is it depends on the kind of incest it is. Yes, some like diamondback moth caterpillars can grow fat while other insects cannot. Mosquitoes do not get fat, their bellies just expand with the more blood they consume.

Do insects get fat

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13Why don’t pregnant women trip over?

This is a rather morbid and strange question to ask but something many of you have thought about. Did you know that women have one extra vertebrae in their lower back compared to men? This was an evolutionary choice to reduce the stress women feel when they get pregnant. The spine of women have larger connecting points as well.

Why dont pregnant women trip over

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14How do fishes drink water?

This depends on the kind of fish. Some fishes do absorb water through their gills and sometimes even through their skin in a process called osmosis. Fishes’ bodies are just like ours. They too need a certain concentration of salt to function at their best. This salt is absorbed from the water they live in.

How do fishes drink water

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15Why does orange juice taste bad after brushing?

Have you ever brushed your teeth in the morning and sat down to have breakfast only to be disgusted after the first sip of your orange juice? This happens because any toothpaste you use will mess with your taste buds. This is why you should wait before eating after brushing in the morning. Most toothpaste can suppress your tongue’s ability to taste sweet.

Why does orange juice taste bad after brushing

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