15 Answer To Questions You’ve Been Asking All Your Life

6Why do soda bottles have a different bottom?

Have you noticed how a soda bottle has a bumpy bottom while a normal water bottle has a normal flat bottom? This is because a soda bottle needs more strength as it needs to withstand the pressure of the gas inside it. The center tip at the bottom can also expand in case of too much pressure without bursting the bottle.

Why do soda bottles have a different bottom

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7Why flies can never find an open window?

Flies do not have eyes like us humans. They can only distinguish light and dark very accurately. When flying inside a room the can easily see an open window but the airflow coming through it makes it an undesirable spot for them to fly around. This is why they never go through an open window. But, you will notice flies sitting on the glass of a closed window.

Why flies can never find an open window

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8What is a cat’s purr?

Many people have thought that the purring sound cats make when they are happy or in pleasure is just another animal sound but the truth is that that sound has some unique properties. The purr of a cat is known to have healing properties. The frequencies heard in the purr of a cat can heal pain which is why cat owners are fond of cuddling with their pets.

What is a cats purr

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9Why are sloths so slow?

The speed of a sloth is based on the slow metabolic rate the animal has. Their entire diet is made up of leaves that are very poor in nutrients. This means that the task of climbing trees all day can be quite demanding for a sloth. This is why they move slowly so that they don’t burn off too much energy.

Why are sloths so slow

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10Why do our palms get sweaty?

Have you ever noticed that when you feel nervous your palms begin to sweat? This is because there is something known as stress sweat. This only happens when we experience nervous excitement. During this time our body releases adrenaline that heightens our senses. Our body begins to produce more sweat to regulate our body heat during this time.

Why do our palms get sweaty

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