12 News Stories So Strange You Won’t Believe Such Things Can Happen


8 They found the Yeti

The Indian Army claimed that they had discovered proof of the dreaded Himalayan Yeti or the abominable snowman in 2019. This was an astounding and remarkable revelation. Although though there have been several reports of yeti sightings and the yeti tale is not considered to be a myth by the locals, this was the first time an official authority made such a claim, revealing the enormous footprints of the enormous Himalayan ape-man. With over six million followers, the Army’s twitter account has garnered quite the response. “Mysterious footprints of legendary beast ‘Yeti’ at the Makalu Base Camp [in the Himalayas],” the Army tweeted. They also published images of soldiers measuring the enormous footprints. Although many people could presume it was a hoax, why would a disciplined army regiment known for their no-nonsense approach on their borders be involved in such a pointless endeavour unless they didn’t believe it to be real?

They found the Yeti

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7 The safebreaker

When Stephen Mills, a machinist and welder from Fort McMurray, Alberta, visited the Vermilion Heritage Museum last May, he unintentionally helped to solve a long-standing riddle. A 2,000-pound sealed safe that had been donated in the 1990s was kept in the basement. Professional locksmiths and the safe’s maker have both attempted and failed to figure out the combination. After hearing the story from a tour guide, Mills humorously twisted the dial 20-40-60, three times right, two times left, one time right. The door creaked open, surprising everyone. Regrettably, there were only a few pages from a waitress’ order book from 1977 and a pay sheet for roughly $9.95 from 1978. There were no gold bars or priceless gems within. But the 40-year mystery’s resolution was invaluable.

The safebreaker

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6 They grafted his hand on to his leg

In order to prevent the death of the amputated extremities, a Chinese industrial worker had their hand sewed back onto their leg in 2015. The arm from which the hand was severed had successfully recovered sufficiently for the physicians to reattach it after leaving it in place for a month. The patient, who has only been identified as Zhou, was brought to a local hospital in China’s Hunan province after getting his left hand stuck in a spinning blade while he was working there. There, he was first informed that he would lose the hand. He was subsequently moved to the province’s capital, Xiangya Hospital, where the same team that had performed the infamous 2013 procedure had much more expertise performing “replantation” surgery.

They grafted his hand on to his leg

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5 Beating guarantees

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial, and a nice mattress can assist. But New Yorker Karan Bir noticed a possible exception in 2016—mattress returns. He slept on a variety of free trial mattresses from online retailers that offered money-back guarantees for more than a year. Bir understood that by simply returning his items within 100 days, he could circumvent the system. When he said goodbye to one bed, he had already instructed another to take its place. He might go years without having to shell out money for one because so many companies issued refunds. Nevertheless, he gave up after relocating to a building without an elevator since he didn’t want to lose sleep over carrying a mattress up and down multiple flights of stairs every time.

Beating guarantees

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