12 News Stories So Strange You Won’t Believe Such Things Can Happen


From eating her own engagement ring in her sleep to the weird story of the pollock sisters, here re 12 news stories that are so strange, it is hard to believe they actually happened.

12 Expensive midnight snack

The dream resembled a scene from an espionage novel: On a rapid train, 29-year-old Jenna Howell of San Diego, California, was fleeing from some sketchy persons when her fiancé gave her the urgent order to hide her engagement ring. Howell swallowed the ring after popping it off. As she abruptly awoke, she soon fell back to sleep after being relieved that it was only a dream. Yet she discovered her left hand was naked the following morning. Doctors used an endoscopy to remove the diamond after a trip to the ER and an X-ray to determine that Howell had in fact consumed it as she slept. Howell commended the creator of the ring for creating “jewels so exquisite you could eat them.” The incident made viral news in 2019.

Expensive midnight snack

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11 They just wanted to fly

Three times throughout the summer of 2018, 60 passengers were given the opportunity to check in, get their boarding cards, go through security, wait at their gate, and board a China Airlines Airbus at Taipei’s Songshan Airport. Where was the aircraft going? Nowhere. The teams were the lucky winners of a competition that allowed participants to simulate a day at the airport, gratifying their longing for an era when flying was still an enjoyable and simple experience. Yet as soon as the people boarded, the trip’s conclusion was dull. The dream passengers boarded the jet, were greeted by the flight attendants, buckled up, and sat on the tarmac before getting off and leaving.

They just wanted to fly

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10 Table for one

The hottest reservation in the COVID-19 era of dining may be a lone chair at a lone table amid a Swedish field. The restaurant Bord För En, which translates as “table for one” in Swedish, is owned and operated by Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson and serves just one diner each day. The restaurant is already fully booked through the summer, and there is a long waiting list. A three-course vegetarian meal is delivered to the table in a picnic basket via a 50-meter rope pulley, removing at least part of the social embarrassment associated with dining alone. Customers never even get to see their server.

Table for one

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9 Back in time

While at the all-female St. Hugh’s College in Oxford, spiritual writers Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain published a sensational book in which they described a bizarre encounter they had while visiting the Palace of Versailles in 1901. The landscape abruptly altered while they were roaming around the gardens, and they started to notice people wearing 18th-century attire. They also encountered a woman who remarkably resembled Marie Antoinette, the French monarch. Had they unexpectedly travelled via a time portal or was it a vivid dream? The authors’ book included research and historical evidence to support their assertions. While some people tended to trust them, others thought they had made up a crazy tale. Charlotte and Eleanor both firmly believed in the veracity of their enigmatic encounter.

Back in time

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