12 Interesting Facts About The Babies Born In The Month Of December

9 Blue is their color

If we talk about the jewels associated with the people born in December, they are all in bright blue shades whether it is topaz, turquoise or tanzanite. It is also said that the December-born people mostly like blue color, if you know someone who was born in December, do ask him about his/her favorite color.

Blue Topaz

Image Source: gem.agency

10Holly and Narcissus are their birth flowers

The babies born in December are associated with two beautiful birth flowers – Holly and Narcissus, while the former is a symbol of domestic happiness, the latter stands for the end of winter and new beginning.

Birth Flowers

Image Source: news.com

11Either Sagittarius or Capricorn

The kids born in December will be either Sagittarius or Capricorn, if they are born before Dec 21 they will be Sagittarius and if they born after December 22 then they are Capricorn. While Sagittarius are funny, generous, extrovert and never compromise on their ideals, the Capricorns are known for being reserved, responsible, love to live with discipline and also known for their self-control.

Sagittarius or Capricorn

Image Source: nypost.com

12They love to travel

It has also been observed that the December-born people love to travel to different places and they also interested in knowing about different cultures of the world.

Love Travelling

Image Source: etimg.com

After reading this article we are quite sure that now all your doubts must have been cleared as we have proved that the kids born in December are not only special but they are rock star as well.


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