12 Interesting Facts About The Babies Born In The Month Of December

5They perform well in school

While it is a common notion that the youngest kid in the class is at disadvantage but it has been observed that in the longer run, the younger students perform better in comparison to the older ones.

Performing well in school

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6The boys are mostly left-handed

A study carried out at the University at Vienna claimed that the boys who took birth in these three months- November, December and January are more likely to be left-handed but there is no such probability associated with the girls born in the winters.

Left Handed People

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7The chances of them suffering from any major disease are quite less

A study was carried out by the researchers to find out the correlation between the birth month and diseases and it was found that the chances of people born in December suffering from any major disease are quite less. It simply means that people born in December mostly live a healthy life.

People with strong body

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8They share their birthday with some famous celebs

Many famous actors and musicians including Britney Spears, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Ozzy Osbourne, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, Samuel L. Jackson, etc took birth in this month and this means that the kids born in December share their birth month with some really big names of the world.

Sharing Birthday With Famous People

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