12 Interesting Facts About The Babies Born In The Month Of December

Every kid is special irrespective of the day or month in which he is born however, there are some parents who try to plan their baby’s birth in a month of their choice due to some reasons such as horoscope, etc. It has been observed that those parents are quite concerned who have good chances of becoming parents in the month of December as it is the last month of the year and they feel that their child’s birthday may get overshadowed by the festivals.


Today we are going to tell why such parents don’t need to worry at all; in fact, we are providing them with some points which prove that children born in December are quite special.

1They live longer

It has been founded in some studies that kids born in December or in any winter month have better chances of living up to the age of 105 yrs or more than the kids who are born in June or any other summer month.

Healthy Old Age Couple

Image Source: s-nbcnews.com

2They are morning people

A study which was published in the journal Sleep in 2009 suggests that people who are born in December are morning people which means they like to wake up early and go to bed early as well. It is quite obvious that they are healthier as well as they follow a healthy routine.

Girl Waking UP in The Morning

Image Source: Medicalnewstoday.com

3They don’t get irritated much

It has also been noted that the kids born in the month of December are less irritable than the kids who are born in other months. Because of this they also have fewer tantrums while stepping into their adulthood.

Irritated baby

Image Source: ifunny.co

4They are more athletic

A study that got published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine stated that the kids born in December are physically stronger and more athletic in comparison to the kids born in other months. So if your kid took birth in December then there are pretty good chances that he will chose sports as his/her career.

Kids running outside

Image Source: mainlineparent.com


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