10 Tremendous Tips for Women to Ensure Their Outside Safety

Women’s safety has always been a major issue around the world. Even though society is becoming conscious of this chapter, much remains to be done about it. Although this is not a problem in all parts of the world, no country is completely free from it. But one thing that can work for the safety of women is their watchfulness while going out or traveling around the world. Many researchers believe that every street-smart woman should use their own methods of protection.


We want to share some simple but effective tips to improve your safety and help you deal with dangerous situations:

1Do early research on your destinations

Traveling outside your city can be fun and sometimes a nightmare, especially if you have forgotten to do some research about your upcoming destination. It doesn’t matter where you are going, but be sure to have security checks about your destination. In addition to research, ensure that the destination has adequate security, medical, travel, and other necessary facilities. If you want to make your next trips sound and safe, just do all kinds of research about the place to travel.

Do early research on your destinations

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2Always listen to your gut instincts

Intuition may be the one thing about which much remains to be said. As a woman, do not hesitate to walk away from such situations if someone gives an uneasy vibe or something that you are not okay with. If your gut tells you that something is not right about a person or situation, pay attention to it immediately. Listening to that small voice in the back of your brain can guide you in the right direction in all such situations.

Always listen to your gut instincts

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3Regularly check windows and shadows around you

When you’re out and about, it’s usually a decent idea to be spatially conscious. If you start checking the windows and shadows around you, you will always have a better view of the people around you. This idea works exceptionally in situations where you feel like someone is following you or watching you. It will not be suspicious of the person who is following you when you suddenly stop and look in the store window. With this little thought, you can check who is following you on the road.

Regularly check windows and shadows around you

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4Move in the opposite direction of traffic

Walking on the contrary side of the traffic can work for you in a number of situations, even when you are not worried that someone is chasing you. Walking in the same direction of the traffic gives others a much better chance to stop you right in front. They can even grab you from the sidewalk or follow you easily when you are walking in the direction of traffic. But if you are walking opposite traffic, you can very easily see who is coming. This is probably the best way to protect yourself while walking on the roads.

Move in the opposite direction of traffic

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