10 Things We Should Never Do on an Airplane

8You touch objects around you for no reason

Many people keep touching things around them while traveling by planes. And this is largely a wrong habit that no one should have. However, it is necessary to remember that airplanes can be home to a lot of bacteria and germs. Passengers traveling before you in the aircraft can leave anything on the seat. The cleanliness process does not necessarily have to happen immediately after every flight. So, you should try to prevent yourself from touching anything excessively on the flight.

You touch objects around you for no reason

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9You leave the bathroom doors ajar

Airplane bathrooms are not very spacious and this may excite some passengers to have bathroom doors partly open for no reason. Above all, there may be some travelers who use the toilet and do not wash their hands. This can be disgusting and disgraceful. The lack of room airplane bathrooms have does not mean that you should keep them ajar the way you want. Instead, you should make sure that you never leave the airplane bathroom door open.

You leave the bathroom doors ajar

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10Use of contact lenses

Traveling on airplanes using contact lenses can be very unpleasant. The high pressure and dry air of flights can lead you to irritation and dehydration, making your contacts uncomfortable and tight. As an alternative, you may prefer to use one-day lenses or glasses. It might be challenging for you to wear contacts in that kind of environment. Apart from this, you can take eye drops with you to avoid any inconvenience during your trips. If you have a habit of wearing lenses regularly, wear glasses after removing the lens for maximum comfort on the planes.

Use of contact lenses

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