10 Things We Should Never Do on an Airplane

Traveling through flights is absolutely fun and comfortable, but occasionally it can become a nightmare for us. Even if we get all the necessary facilities from the airlines, some silly things can ruin our entire trip. Many times people traveling by planes do some stupid things that make their pleasant journey a miserable experience. If you usually travel via flights, then you may already know the standard operating procedures that a good traveler should follow.


We want all of you to know the simplest things that can ruin an airplane trip so that you can prevent them when it is your turn to travel:

1You take off your shoes

It can be comfortable going barefoot at home, but it is definitely not when you are on an airplane. Taking off your shoes on the plane may not only bother your fellow passengers but it can also harm your health. Even if airplanes get cleaned regularly, there may be more germs on their carpets. You may want to get more comfort by slipping off your shoes, but it will disturb other passengers if you have smelly feet.

You take off your shoes

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2You do not leave your seat once during the entire flight

Sticking to your seat during your entire journey on the plane is certainly a terrible mistake that many people can make. Because traveling by plane naturally increases the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. Immobile feet can pose a lot of health hazards, even for healthy travelers. If you cling to your seat during your entire journey, the risk of blood clots, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can increase rapidly. Make sure that you keep your feet moving while traveling on the plane.

You do not leave your seat once during the entire flight

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3You love using airplane headphones

The headphones that the airlines provide you to enjoy the music are not necessarily new. Even if you find the headphones packed in a little plastic bag, they are already used by other travelers. Airlines keep cleaning and repacking the headphones between flights. Unfortunately, you cannot be sure that the headphones you use are clean and tidy. Even after cleaning, they are not very safe compared to a new set. So, make sure you take your own headphones on flights.

You love using airplane headphones

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4You put your feet on the armrests

It can be a further worse thing that people do than going barefoot on a plane. If you set foot on the armrests of other passengers after taking off your shoes and socks, it is not good behavior. Most travelers believe that armrests in those fronts are ideal for spreading their legs and feeling comfortable. It can make you feel comfortable to relieve cramps from limited legroom on flights. But it can irritate and provoke your fellow travelers.

You put your feet on the armrests

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