10 Ingenious Ways to Use Baby Powder

4Use it to add volume to your eyelashes

One of the ways to use baby powder to your advantage is to apply a bit of it on your eyelashes after you put on your first coat of mascara. After that put another coat of mascara. This trick helps improve your look by making your eyelashes look voluminous and super strong.

Use it to add volume to your eyelashes

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5To enhance waxing

Effective ways in which you can use baby powder include using it to make waxing less painful and more successful. You can improve your waxing sessions with a little help from baby powder by putting the wax on the area to be waxed, apply a little baby powder. The powder prevents the wax from sticking too firmly to the skin. This makes the entire waxing process much less painful and it also leaves your skin smooth and much less irritated.

To enhance waxing

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6It can make your leather clothing look good as new

Baby powder can even be used to make your leather clothing look fresh and new once again. The trick is simple, just apply a little powder on the garment and rub it a bit using a soft microfiber cloth. This brings back its shine and makes it look good as new.

It can make your leather clothing look good as new

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