10 Familiar Things In Your Home That Can Hurt Your Baby

4Crib bumpers

Most young age parents have a strong belief that crib bumpers are very helpful to protect their children from bruises and injuries. On the other hand, some child health safety organizations do not recommend crib bumpers as a very safe thing for your children. They believe that the cradle bumpers may be prone to suffocation. If the bumper is next to your child’s mouth or nose, it can stop your child’s breath. Above all, a thick bumper can block the flow of air into the cradle and overheat your baby.

Crib bumpers

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5Magnetic toys

There is no doubt that magnetic toys have become incredibly popular among children as they attract their attention the most. You can bring some magnetic and colorful letters and toys for your children. However, such toys can also be dangerous when the magnets inside them are not properly protected. Without supervision, your child can easily swallow these small magnetic parts. This may cause them to face some digestive system problems. To prevent such issues, make sure that you will not leave your child alone with a magnetic toy.

Magnetic toys

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6Cushions and sides of the bed

Most parents do not pay attention to their children when they are playing around the questions and the sides of the bed. And this can invite some problems for their children. Your baby may suffocate in them. The sides of your bed can also injure your child if you do not pay attention. This is why you should have a mattress on your bed to protect your baby from all such happening.

Cushions and sides of the bed

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