10 Familiar Things In Your Home That Can Hurt Your Baby

Sometimes, it can be hard for parents to identify some common household items that can harm their babies. Since your child plays with everything you give, they don’t know what is good or bad. And it’s also a fact that millions of children get injured every day around the world. So, do you think your mistakes are hurting your child? Most of the time your children get injured, that place can be your home because no matter how much you try to make your house safe, you cannot consider everything.


We want you to know these things in your home that you do not take into account which hurt your child:

1An air humidifier

The humidifier is a very useful item for your children’s living room, giving them moist air that has a positive effect on their skin and breathing. But if you use humidifiers improperly, this gadget can cause problems. Mold and moisture are some of the common problems caused by this device.


However, you can prevent such things by adding a hygrometer inside the humidifier to measure humidity. On the other hand, you can buy a humidifier that has a built-in hygrostat that will monitor moisture levels.

An air humidifier

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Adults already know how uneasy it can be to sleep on a flat surface without using a pillow. Perhaps this is the reason why young parents give headrests to their children. But on the contrary, experts suggest that your baby should not sleep with a pillow until they become a toddler. As an alternative, you can let your child sleep on a blanket and another soft bed. The reason behind the views of experts is that your baby may accidentally tie his face to a soft surface while sleeping.


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3Potted plants

Most of us keep potted plants in our home for ornamental purposes, but these plants are usually easy to reach your children. It can be difficult to track your children throughout the day and they can hit your potted plants. And you know that the consequences can be very tragic. When something like this happens, it can lead your child to swell and pain. However, you can keep all dangerous plants out of your living area to prevent this.

Potted plants

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