Turns Out Talking to Yourself Is A Sign of Genius But Here’s What It Also Means

At some point in our lives we have seen or witnessed people speaking to themselves, we might even be one of them. Most people laugh at watching others talk to themselves thinking it to be momentary insanity or quirks of one’s nature. Yes! Some people even talk loudly unaware and oblivious to those around them. It sounds and seems strange to have a conversation with oneself to many but it is actually a sign of an extremely evolved mind. It has been scientifically proven that people who talk to themselves aloud are not insane rather they may be extremely intelligent and a genius!


1Talking to yourself can begin in childhood

When you talk aloud, it is an extension of inner talk that is triggered involuntarily. Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget had observed during research that as soon as toddlers begin developing speech, they also begin controlling their actions. For example, a toddler near a hot surface may start shouting to themselves “hot’ “hot” and move away. The same behaviour continues into adulthood.

Talking to yourself can begin in childhood

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2Talking to yourself improves memory

Researches have proven that talking to oneself boosts memory because when we talk or explain something to ourselves the brain visualizes the input and imprints it in the memory. Our brain’s sensory mechanisms take over when we actually have a conversation with ourselves rather than just thinking about it. Our memory is stimulated when we speak to ourselves which is why students and professionals usually excel when resorting to such behavior.

Talking to yourself improves memory

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3Talking to yourself increases focus

Talking to oneself increases brain focus and capabilities of concentration as mentioned earlier Expressing thoughts out loud makes it more real and helps us visualize it. Our brain can process quicker and faster when it can visualize a concept. Saying the word “apple’ helps you visualize it clearly in the brain.

Talking to yourself increases focus

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