This simple DIY idea will help you to get rid of ants in your house


Ants live in colonies and are in millions in just one colony. Now imagine all these ants invading your house in search of food, water or shelter. These ants can get into any crevice, any space they find and start laying eggs there. So from say 100 ants in your house, the number might multiply to hundreds and thousands before you even realize. These ants are also known to harm your children, pets and whoever gets in their way. So how do you kill something that is so great in numbers?

Here is a fairly simple DIY idea to kill these ants with a simple trick that can kill hundreds and thousands of them in a single use.

1 Ants

Ants live in colonies and basically there are 2 classes of ants in the colony and the workers/forager ants make more than 10% of ants in that colony. These ants are tasked with bringing in food back to the colony and feeding the entire colony.


Mostly the two reasons ants venture out of their colony is to collect food or water. Sometimes the entire colony would move if the temperature outside falls below their comfort zone and they will move into places that provide comfort and heat.


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Though mostly harmless, the ants can harm many things if provoked.


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