This beauty blogger turned her labor room into a makeup studio, find out why?

3 Reasons for the makeup


Though she said that she wanted to look good when her daughter would look at her for the very first time, Majid actually used the talent of her makeup skills in order to keep her mind off the painful contractions. Contractions during the childbirth can be very painful and Majid’s way of keeping herself busy in doing something that she loved helped her out. She had actually asked her doctor also, whether she could do makeup or not and they didn’t seem to mind as it would take her mind off the pain and it did. She really believes that women should not be miserable during childbirth and should indulge in doing things they like as long as their doctors are fine with that!

There are pictures in which Alaha is seen holding a sponge in the shape of an egg to mix and blend the makeup around her eyes, while sitting on her bed. The table in front of her is full of cups which hold her make-up brushes, foundations and some cosmetic covered paper tissues.

Reasons for the makeup

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There is also a pitcher of ice cubes for her to suck on and stay hydrated during the contractions.


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