This beauty blogger turned her labor room into a makeup studio, find out why?

Child Birth is a very special thing that women experience. But howsoever beautiful this moment may be, the fact that it might take hours and hours for the labor pains to end make it a very painful experience too. The mother-to-be goes through all of that for the baby. Since the contractions may come and go like shooting pains, most women opt for an epidural injection, which numbs the body below the waist, so that the child birth happens painlessly for them. But some brave-hearts go for the natural method and to distract themselves from the jaw clenching and potentially mind-numbing pain, they do things they like to do, like knitting, or reading or anything that can take their minds off the pain. This beauty blogger chose to do the something in order to keep her mind off the contraction pains and her choice was…well…. unusual to say the least! Find out for yourself…

1 Who is the woman?

The woman goes by the name Alaha Majid, who is a makeup artist from the New York City. She recently became an internet sensation after pictures of her putting on makeup in the labor room were shared by her on her Instagram account.

Majid is a makeup expert and beauty blogger with hundreds of followers on various social media platforms. Her Instagram account has more than 84,000 followers who follow her various makeup tips and product reviews.

Who is the woman?

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