15 Surprising Beauty Hacks and Secrets That You Wish You Had Known About Sooner

11To get a clear complexion

The famous black facial is ideal for a clear complexion. Make a solution with 1.5 tablespoon gelatin and 2 tablespoon of ground activated charcoal. Dissolve in water and then heat it in a microwave till the solution becomes a jelly. Apply this as a mask on your face for 30 minutes.

Clear complexion

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12To get the whitest teeth

Did you know that strawberries are an excellent teeth whitener? Just make a solution of 1 teaspoon grated strawberries with 1 teaspoon baking soda and brush your teeth with it twice a month.

To get the whitest teeth

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13To keep your face fresh

To freshen up your face after a tiring day, make a facial spray with aloe vera gel and purified water in a ratio of 1:3. Keep it in a clean spray bottle and carry it in your bag so you can use it wherever you go.

To keep your face fresh

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14For pleasant hair fragrance

To make your hair smell good the entire day, spray your own perfume on your hairbrush. Now brush your hair with it a couple of times and your hair will then smell good. In fact if you carry your hairbrush with you, it could be done at work too.

For pleasant hair fragrance

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15Firming up your bust

To maintain bust shape, rub them with Vaseline every night before you sleep. Do this for two weeks after which you will notice that your skin elasticity has improved and the skin to is well moisturized and firmer.

Firming up your bust

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