9 Supermarket Tactics Its Better Not to Get Fooled by If You Want Quality Products

Don’t buy frozen foods with glazed ice

Don’t buy frozen foods which have a lot of ice glazed on them as this could mean that these products were frozen and defrosted many times. This could ruin your health since it is visually difficult to estimate what’s actually hidden under the glaze.


Avoid stereotypes such as when people don’t buy the meat with a dry film on top because they think it’s old. This only means that the meat has had contact with air and wasn’t covered by plastic wrap. In reality, those pieces of meat which look too wet have had water poured over them by shopkeepers to make them look fresh. This meat will be less juicy after being cooked.

Frozen foods with glazed ice

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8Stay alert in the deli department

If you notice that some ready-made salads have a lot of garlic and spice or fresh herbs in comparison to others then it is because they have been disguised to look fresh. The truth is that these are probably expired goods or are going to expire soon.

Remember that salads with meat or fish tend to expire faster than vegetable ones, and salads dressed with oil are safer than salads dressed with mayonnaise. However, choosing salads without dressing is a better option as they can be stored for up to 2 days. You can also check if the shop does observe safety measures for working with food. Some such measures you should be aware of are:

  • A shop worker should wear disposable gloves when touching food.
  • Glass dishes should be used for storing ready-made salads as these easily get oxidized in a metal dish. They should also be kept in a separate display case.
  • There should be a separate spoon for every dish.
Stay alert in the deli department

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9You should choose to buy local goods

Don’t skip out on necessary information by thinking it can be false advertising. Check it thoroughly as the product can sometimes be locally manufactured. This should be your criterion for choosing dairy products, fruits, and vegetables.


Since long transportation and possible violations of carriage conditions can influence the taste and quality of goods, it would be safer to buy locally-sourced goods.

You should choose to buy local goods

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