9 Supermarket Tactics Its Better Not to Get Fooled by If You Want Quality Products

4Read the labels carefully

Term’s like “lactiferous” or “milky” are normally used when the ingredients aren’t real, and not because the manufacturer was trying to give them a more scientific or cuter name. Names like “yogos”, “cheese-ohs”, and “milkys” are given to low-quality and cheap products to disguise and sell them as the real ones.


Signs like “no cholesterol”, “no added sugar”, or “enriched with vitamins” and others, don’t really guarantee quality. “No sugar added” most likely means that the product contains chemical sweeteners. As for those that contain a lot of vitamins, they are not always good.

Read the labels carefully

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5Don’t fall for bright goods

You think bright colors are usually associated with bright flavors. However, this rule doesn’t always work with food. The fruits and vegetables grown in open ground have a dull peel color, few imperfections, and some spots even though they are healthy and tasty. Fruits grown in greenhouses have a picture-perfect appearance but they are full of chemicals.

People tend to believe the brighter some cheese is, the more fat it may contain which can improve its taste. However, the bright yellow color is a result of added color to natural cheese which normally is white or yellowish. While this added color is mostly harmless as it is made from annatto tree seeds, there is no point in choosing cheese for their bright color.


Salmon, ketchup and other sauces are always chemically colored to give them a brighter color. Choose sauces of natural colors because this means that they were made using natural components.

fall for bright goods

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6Ask the shop workers to advise you sometimes

Arranging goods on shelves in a tricky way is easy and this will work in deceiving the customers. To avoid this, ask store-worker things like where can you find the necessary goods, or how fresh they are, and when will the new batch be arriving. You will probably notice if the shop worker tries to lie to you. Based on this information you can draw your own conclusions.

Remember that shop workers are employed to sell you the goods that bring more profit, so always be smart while choosing the goods you want to purchase. By being a bit more attentive you can ensure that only the tastiest, most fresh, and healthiest foods appear on your table.

Ask the shop workers to advise you sometimes

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7Take your time to properly examine the goods

Shop workers know all too well how goods need to be showcased from the best side. To see what’s hidden you need to examine everything very carefully. For instance, lighting in meat display cases makes the products look fresh and mouth-watering. When you choose a piece you like, ask one of the shop workers to take it out for you to examine as it can look different under normal light.

Take your time to properly examine the goods

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