9 Supermarket Tactics Its Better Not to Get Fooled by If You Want Quality Products

Getting fresh and tasty food is the top priority when you go shopping for groceries. But the supermarkets are usually stocked with illiquid goods that are only meant to profit the producers and retailers. Moreover, they try to use many different ways to sell you these illiquid goods.


Shoppers are now becoming aware of this fact and are being more attentive when it comes to the tricks f dishonest retailers. In order not to fall prey to these obvious grocery store frauds here are some tips on how to ensure that you get quality goods for your money.

1Look around for the goods you need and don’t be lazy

Placing expensive goods on the most noticeable shelves is a classic marketing tactic of retailers to sell these goods and make more profit. They keep such products at the level of the buyer’s eyes or in the middle part of the display case. Coincidentally, these products are recognizable from their brands extensive advertising campaigns. But these may not actually be made from quality ingredients.


Shop workers move goods that may be expiring soon closer to the edge of the display cases in order to minimize their losses. You can avoid purchasing these products by not being lazy and reaching for the back of the shelves to get the fresher and better-quality ones.

Look around for the goods you

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2Don’t buy repackaged items

Foods like cheese or vegetable platters, fruits, marinades, cold cuts etc. that are individually packaged after they were sliced or prepared in the deli should be avoided. It’s because there are high chances that these foods are about to expire.

Looking at the date of packaging won’t be of any help as the stickers that present you with this information can be changed several times in a day. Fresh food that is packaged can even attract a lot of bacteria. Therefore, it would be best to ask someone in the deli to cut and pack your food in front of you. The next option would be to choose factory-packaged goods.

Repackaged items

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3Always check the condition of the packaging

If the package of any item has cracks, smashed cardboard, traces of dried liquid, rumpled sides or deformations then these are not simple “cosmetic defects”. But, when you notice any damage then it would probably be because of carriage in wrong conditions, wrong storage, or possibly expiration.

Always check the condition of the packaging

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