Stunning Tricks That Beauty Salons Use Regularly, But Never Tell You About

4Hair Botox

Hair Botox is marked as an important conditioning treatment used to make the hair manageable and frizz-free for months. However, salons don’t let you know that Botox’s impact can fade off quickly, and your hair can appear the same they were looking earlier before the treatment. You would pay more to your salons several times in a year to make your hair shiny and smooth again with this treatment. Your hair can become even worse if you don’t use proper products in between this treatment.

Hair Botox

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5Hair lamination

When you laminate your hair at pro beauty salons, you expect your hair to look shiny and smooth. Hairdressers use premium lamination products to seal our hair. But the worst part about this treatment is that it can wear off in no time. Instead of paying high costs at salons for the hair lamination, you can even do it at your home by using affordable ingredients.

Hair lamination

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6Hair dye truth

When it comes to color your hair, you would be excited to get a new kind of touch over your head. But you probably overlook the fact that people who have natural hair colors often standout than others. Since it could be affordable to acquire one-colored hair, especially after knowing it causes minimal damage. If you use a curling iron, cut the hair ends regularly, and follow other natural steps, you don’t need to undergo costly salon treatments.

  • Make sure you remember some colors like violet or green don’t last for long when you use them to color your hair.
  • Henna is a very reliable alternative to any artificial dyeing products. It can aid to color your hair instantly without causing any damage.
  • Hair extensions could be great to use for brightening your hair, especially to prevent hair damage.
Hair dye truth

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7Salons try to mislead their clients

While visiting a salon for the first time, you should check if the hairdressers have the necessary certificates. Pro hairdressers spend a long time to boost their market image. So, it wouldn’t be enough to watch tutorial videos until you ask them to show certificates.

  • You can never identify if your hairdressers are using tonics on the name of dyeing products. This issue becomes worse when you’re at an expensive hair salon. For example, they can put cheap products in bottles of expensive products.
  • In many cases, beauty salons educate their personnel to deceive customers in different ways. One of the common cheat strategies is applying costly hair masks without getting the permission of clients.
  • There is a general opinion we’ve about trims is that some hairstyles look apparently good on everyone. Though it is true, a few classic styles look great on any face, but this can’t be true for all. It is advised to listen to your hairstylist before getting the haircut you’re looking to get.
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