15 Simple Yet Brilliant Brain Teasing Puzzles That Will Test Your Brain

We all love a good riddle or a good puzzle. These are brain teasers that get us thinking hard about the answer. We have to use our reasoning skills as well as logic to arrive at the correct conclusion. Sometimes it can be a walk in the park while at other times we might end up needing some help. Brain teasers are a lot of fun and can help us develop our brains to be quicker and sharper. Here are 15 interesting brain teasers that will put your brain into overdrive.


1How many squares?

Look at the picture and tell us how many squares can you see? Look carefully and count how many squares you can see in this picture. Don’t just look over it once and present your final answer. Look at it twice and count again. Some squares are inside other squares so it might get tricky. The correct answer is 10. There are 10 squares in the image.

How many squares

Image Source: brightside.me


2Which one of these bears is different?

You have three bears in front of you. Can you guess which one is different? Is it ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’? Look at all the bears carefully so that you don’t miss out on a single detail that can help you identify the wrong one out. The correct answer is ‘C’. The bowtie is different from the other two.

Which one of these bears is different

Image Source: brightside.me


3Can you find the star with four points?

Look at this collection of multicolored squares and can you find the four-cornered star? The squares that are touching each other form a star but only in one particular part of the puzzle. Look carefully and see which part of the image forms a star with four sides. The correct answer is on the lower left side of the image.

Can you find the star with four points

Image Source: www.mathsisfun.com


4How many cubes are there in this image?

How many cubes do you think are there in this image? Look carefully and think. A very good clue is in the question. Think about the question while observing the image. Can you guess the right answer? The correct answer is 9. There are 6 cubes that are visible and 3 more that are hidden by them.

How many cubes are there in this image

Image Source: genial.guru


5How will the pyramid look from the top?

Look at the pyramid in the image and observe the colored lines it is made from. Look where they are and beside which colored line they stand. Now can you imagine how this would look from the above? That is the question here. You have 4 options to choose from. But, which one do you think is right? The right answer is ‘C’. Look at the pyramid and match the colors to that of ‘C’.

How will the pyramid look from the top

Image Source: imgur.com


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