16 Simple Beauty Hacks That Women Can Use to Make Their Life Easier

9Know when to use a product

This symbol is used by most companies to tell you how long a beauty product can be used after it has been opened. To not forget this important piece of info, simply write down the date on the bottle with a marker just after opening the product for the first time.

Know when to use a product

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10How to keep your cosmetic products protected while travelling

Place cotton wool pads over the top of your eye shadow, blusher, and powder to prevent them from cracking while travelling. This will reduce the blows and shocks these products receive from being jolted and shaken around during your travels.

Cosmetic products

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11How to clean your curlers and straighteners

Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and with a soft tissue, wipe the surfaces of your hair curlers and straighteners to clean them up. Wipe them one more time with a dry tissue after wiping them with the mix.

How to clean your curlers and straighteners

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12Keep a plate to wash your brushes

Maintain a special plate to wash your makeup brushes faster and more efficiently. You can create this plate yourself by taking an ordinary single-use plastic paper plate, and making random shapes on its surface with hot glue. Let the glue dry and then mix together some water and shampoo and rub your brushes against the plate. Keep rubbing them against the plate until the water running from them becomes clear. Next, rinse the brushes in clean water, and you’re done.

Keep a plate to wash your brushes

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