16 Simple Beauty Hacks That Women Can Use to Make Their Life Easier

5How to whiten your nails

If you frequently use different dark shades of nail polish, then your fingernails may take on a yellowish tint. To whiten them and make them look clean again, cover your fingernails with a cotton wool pad soaked in lemon juice and wrapped around your nail. Let it remain on for 10-15 minutes and then remove it.

How to whiten your nails

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6How to get rid of hair static

During the winters, as the cold begins setting in, hair static becomes a huge problem. It is an even bigger problem to get rid of it. In order to get rid of hair static and smoothen out your hair, use ordinary dryer sheets by passing them through the full length of your hair.

How to get rid of hair static

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7Broken nail emergency

You can use an ordinary tea bag to cope with a broken nail. All you have to do, is cut the bag open, remove the tea leaves, and stick it on the spot where your nail broke. Cut off the excess that goes beyond the length of your nail. Shape it using a nail file and lastly cover it with a base coat of nail polish.

Broken nail emergency

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8Hacks for skin and travel

You can remove your whiteheads when you are on your travels, using a simple bobby pin. Place the head of the pimple in the center of the looped end, and start pushing down on it, until the pimple pops. Then clean it with some cotton and proceed onto the next one.

Hacks for skin and travel

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