16 Simple Beauty Hacks That Women Can Use to Make Their Life Easier

All girls know how much effort and time it takes to make oneself look stunning and fabulous. Besides taking care of yourself, you also have to make sure that your cosmetics and other beauty equipment are taken care of. With so much to do, it becomes really difficult to manage so many things in life. So, here, are 16 of the best beauty hacks, that will surely make taking care of yourself and your life in general, a lot easier.


1A trick for your dried-out eyeliner

What do you do when your eyeliner has dried out and you don’t have a spare at the moment to use? There is a simple trick to solve your problem. Remove the brush head and turn it around. You can use the other end and it will even feel like a brand-new eyeliner as well.

Dried-out eyeliner

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr


2Eye drops to fix dry mascara

According to this blogger, eye drops or contact lens fluid can be used to bring dry mascara back to life. To make your mascara as good as new, add a few drops into the mascara tube, seal it, and shake it up.

Eye drops to fix dry mascara

Image Source: list.vn


3A good trick for lipstick

After applying your lipstick, just suck on your finger for some time. This leaves the excess lipstick on your finger and not on your lips. Doing this will help you avoid staining your teeth with lipstick. To make your lips stand out more, use a highlighter along the contours of your lips.

A good trick for lipstick

Image Source: zhurnal-lady.com


4Using baby oil instead of foam for shaving

Once again, this blogger has suggested using baby oil to shave instead of using foam. Turns out that baby oil is way better since it doesn’t cause irritation later, and will even moisturize your skin.

Using baby oil instead of foam for shaving

Image Source: akamaized.net


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